Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A to Z Challenge-- my favorite B characters

Moving on with my list of characters that have most moved me...

B is for Beth from Little Women.

When I was 9, I dressed as Louisa May Alcott for Halloween. Funnily enough, my vision of Miss Alcott seemed to have been a pale blue, lace bridesmaids dress my mother wore in the 70's. Nevertheless, even at that young age, Alcott's Little Women had secured a place in my heart forever.

As a kid, I was all about Jo, gravitating towards the writer in the story. However, caring for my mother during her fight with cancer irrevocably changed my feelings towards this book, and Beth now holds the dearest place in my heart. Her sweetness, good, and heartbreaking fate not only sadden me every time I re-read this book, but also remind me of the beauty of the human spirit.


  1. I find that my sympathies change when I re-read books as I grow older. The little women would probably have been amazed by the lacy blue dress.

  2. Very interesting how things change and we see things differently. Sorry to read about your mom.

  3. My heart goes out to you about your mom. <3 I helped care for my grandmother before she passed away, and it definitely opens the eyes to many things. We are all special spirits. Precious, indeed.