Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Signs that You’re in the Wrong Bridal Salon

I bought a dress! And that exclamation point is motivated equally by loving my dress and the knowledge that I do not have to shop anymore.

While my last experience (from the salon where I ended up purchasing my gown) was excellent, all other experiences leading up to this SUCKED. However, since I did have one good one, I can conclude that the prior pain was cause not by some fundamental flaw in my dress-buying DNA, but by being in the wrong bridal salon.

And so here is some advice I learned that may help you decide if you’re in the wrong salon as well.

1.       Are you making the face you see in the above picture? This is not the dress I picked, this is the dress that I looked desperate in because my consultant was like a drill sergeant. Dress shopping should be fun, and if it isn’t, you’re in the wrong salon.

2.       Is every dress you put on well over the budget you gave your consultant? Sure, it’s OK to try on a dress or two that breaks the bank, but if you say $1,000 and every dress you’re putting on is $2,000, then you’re either in a salon that is out of your range, or have a consultant that only cares about her commission.

3.       Did they shame you about your budget? What you want to spend is YOUR decision. If you give them a budget and get met with a tirade on why that is not feasible, then go elsewhere.

4.       Do you feel badly about yourself? I walked into my first appointment with a jump in my step because I’d just lost 40 lbs and was ready to feel pretty. Instead, my twiggy consultant must have reiterated to me that I am a “big girl” FIFTY times. If at any point, your consultant says something to make you feel badly about your body, move on.

5.       Are you dictating? There is a balance here- you know what you want, and your consultant knows what they have and should have advice on what might work on your body. If you say “I want lace” and your consultant points to a rack for you to dig through and walks away, you aren’t in the right place. They should ask questions, offer suggestions, and guide you through the inventory. If they don’t, find someone who will.

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  1. Sorry that the people were mean to you when you went to buy your dress. They are just mean bullies. Losing 40 lbs is a big deal. Congratulations!