Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Fun... Catch up on Longmire!

Got some free time this weekend? Want to find a new show to delve into?

Have you seen Longmire? 

If not, here are the things that about in Longmire  that I normally work to avoid in shows:
  • It's a cop show (really don't like those)
  • It features multiple Native American characters (which usually annoy me if they are done completely flatly)
  • It's rife with small town cliches (and also, how is there a murder once a week in such a tiny town)
And yet, I LOVE Longmire.

So the premise is this-- Walt Longmire is a small town sherriff in a tiny Wyoming town. Bordering on a Cheyenne reservation, the town offers up weekly fodder of murders and mayhem for Walt and his team of deputies to solve... and they always find a twist. It sounds rather cliche, but there are lots of reasons that I do like this show.

For one, the Native American characters are, at least in my opinion, fully developed and avoid the normal cliches you see when Indians are portrayed in TV and film (i.e. Johnny Depp as Tonto-- the previews were enough to piss me off and make me swear off The Lone Ranger). Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry is a sympathetic and honest translator, often guiding the predominantly white audience through some of the ins and outs of native culture with accuracy and honesty.

For two, the lead character of Walt Longmire is just the kind of guy you want to like.

For three, Katee Sackhoff makes everything better.

Week after week, Longmire delivers scintillating mysteries and some really good action. It's great brain candy and an excellent way to spend your weekend.


  1. I'm leary of anything that has Lou Diamond Phillips in it. He's fooled me so many times into watching just horribly bad shows.

  2. Fair enough, but I promise its better than Wolf Creek :)

  3. As you know, I watched like an episode and a half of this show toward the start of the first season and then gave up on it despite having both Starbuck and some broody, square-jawed hotness who is totally my type (tall, bulky -- but not overly -- and a little bit dumb-looking) as deputies. And the stunning, gorgeously languid New Mexico landscape shots. Those are three things that would normally have sold me, but not this time. I gave it another go at the start of this last season because I keep hearing good things, but, alas, it is not for me.

    I did, however, randomly learn the week before last that the guy who plays Longmire is Australian, and suddenly a lot of his accent made SO much more sense.