Friday, June 1, 2012

Recommendations for Friday Fun: Skinwalkers

With the impending start of True Blood season 4, in which we hope Allan Ball reverts to a few coherent story lines instead of giving every character their own set of issues a la season 3, I thought some werewolf and vampire film recommendations were warranted.

And so, I want to recommend that anyone looking for some supernatural fun this weekend go to Netflix or Amazon and check out Skinwalkers.

Steeped in Navajo legend, Skinwalkers tells the story of Timothy, a young boy about to turn 13. Living with his widowed mother, and father's family, Timothy has no idea that he is actually a half breed at the center of an Indian prophecy that foretells of the end of the curse of the skinwalking (a.k.a. being a werewolves).

Timothy and his mother, who is played by the fierce and fantastic Rhona Mitra, have no idea that he is about to become the center of a war. On one side is the family that has protected him since birth, without ever revealing that they are actually werewolves. Living off of animals and leading peaceful lives, his protectors want nothing more than to allow him to fulfill the prophecy.

On the other side of the brewing battle, we have an intense (and very, very hot) back of blood-thirsty, people-eating wolves that delight in their violent ways and want to kill Timothy before he can end their fun for good.

Throw in one amazing firefight in the middle of small town America, lots of good action, Elias Koteas, and some stellar acting, and you have my absolutely favorite werewolf movie ever.

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  1. One of these days I'll get around to watching True Blood. Everyone at work talks of that and A Game of Thrones to no end. I'm just so out of the loop. (Not that vampires have ever really been my thing.)

    And I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you're interested in participating stop by my blog for the details.

    - Jeff