Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Travel Tuesdays-- My Favorite City in these United States

For any of you who have been to New Orleans, you can back me up when I say that there is no place like New Orleans. Seriously-- his city is one of a kind. And one of the most amazing things about it are that there are so many amazing things about it!

I love being somewhere diverse, and don't think I could ever live in a truly homogenous environment. New Orleans definitely addresses that. The cultural influences here include French, Spanish, Haittan, and good ole Southern U.S.A. The architecture clearly reflects this blending of cultures into a feel that has become uniquely New Orleans.

And the food. Oh my word the food. As a foodie, I have a personal rule against watching what I eat on the rate New Orleans trip, simply because it is a unique opportunity. Po Boys, muffullatas, crawfish, oysters, bananas foster, great steak, amazing seafood, fish, crepes, and a million other "specialty" dishes that are restricted to this area of Louisiana all seem to be perfectly in line with my taste. Take my friend here, consumed greedily on my last trip-- crab stuffed puff pastry with a lemon wine garlic butter sauce. I had pecan sweet potato casserole on the side, and started with turtle soup. I was in HEAVEN.

I have literally not even scratched the surface of all that New Orleans can offer. I am sure it will pop up frequently on my Tuesday blogs because I feel so at home there, and love it so much!

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