Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rounding out Short Story Month

So today is the last day of May, which is also National Short Story month. That is very exciting to me, as I have a collection of short stories! Listening In and Other Stories published in January, and is available for sale on Amazon.

I love short stories. There are so many thoughts and pieces of life that need to be retold, and yet just aren't fodder enough for a full, novel-length work. Sometimes, the emotion a writer can express in just a few pages just blows me away.

Thus, this week, in honor of National Short Story month, I am offering the Kindle version of my collection at 25% off, just $1.49! Get it on Amazon here!

The book is also available in print as well, on Amazon here.

I will leave you with the text of one of my favorite reviews I have ever received:

"Through simple yet eloquent prose, Shauna Kelley masterfully gives us a glimpse into the lives of those less fortunate than many. From a young girl with an unusual illness that stunts her ability to do a task most of us take for granted, or a mother who although, on the outside, seems selfish for putting her interests before her disabled son, really isn't selfish at all, to a young woman dealing with alcoholism and regret. This is not only a wonderful collection of stories, it is an asset to your bookshelf. There may not be fairies and dragons and paranormal beasts saving lives of princesses in towers; there may not be fantastical worlds you can whisk yourself away in, but ... there is truth. And often truth is the hardest to write about. But Kelley pulls these stories off effortlessly. I lived in every page"-- Jessica Bell


  1. Aw, I had no idea this was your favourite review! Thank you. It was well-deserved! :) xx