Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beating Expectations... Hooray!

I was looking back at my February post on resolutions quite happily in some cases, as I have made some excellent progress.

For example, today I fulfilled my new state goal, landing in New Mexico at noon local time. I definitely got married, and am working towards an October 17 release of Naliyah.

And I've read 21 out of my 22 book goal, so I am upping it to 36 for the year. And since I've been reading so much, I thought I would recount a few of my favorites from the year, staring with a biggie!

Finally! City of Heavenly Fire released in May, and I devoured it in 3 days. I've gushed about my love of the Mortal Instruments series before and this, the final book, did not fail to disappoint. Well... Ok, I was disappointed when I finished because it meant no more Jace Wayland in my life!

Which is why I was also thrilled to discover The Infernal Devices Series. If you (like me) typically swear of prequels, make an exception in this case. Cassandra Clare will not let you down.

I've got at least 5 others that I loved up my sleeve... stay tuned.

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