Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 is underway....

And had a rough start out of the gate but is very much looking up! Between head colds, stomach bugs, and lots of travel, I am very behind on putting together my 2014 goal list. However, better late than never, right?

Here is what I plan to do this year:

  1. Visit 2-3 new states. I am at 41 now and hope to very soon reach 44 this year.
  2. Get married... and not stress about the small stuff related to wedding planning (or at least avoid it as much as possible)
  3. Write the sequel to Naliyah, the novel I finished in December
  4. Work on getting Naliyah out there for the world to read
  5. Read 22 books (2 more than last year)
  6. Figure out what all of the buzz over Doctor Who is
  7. Tackle some new cooking challenges, like duck and lamb
  8. Get my four year weight loss total to at least 75 lbs (at 55 now)
Thus far, I am well underway on edits for the book, read 3 books in January, and have a trip to Mobile, Alabama planned to cross off one new state. Not bad for a lady that's been sick more than not so far this year.

How is everyone else's 2014 progressing?

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