Friday, November 30, 2012

Recommendations for Friday Fun- The Gift Edition, Volume 2

Onward with my theme of my favorite gifts that I have given and recieved!

My nephew was born during a tumultuous time in my family. My sister lived on another continent, and my Mom's battle with cancer was not going well. When we planned to do an early baby shower for her when she was in town, I knew I wanted to put together a gift that was great.

What I ended up giving my nephew was memories. I made copies of dozens of old photographs, and wrote an introduction to each member of the family he was joining. He's still way too young to even understand it, but I will be very happy when one day he can.

When I was fourteen my grandfather took me to my first Broadway show, The Sound of Music. I tried to catalog every single sensation from that day and lock it into memory. I remember the crowd on the street in front of the theater, the smell of the concession stand, what I was wearing (which included very impractical shoes), and how amazingly clear Maria's voice rang out through the auditorium. It is truly a day I will cherish forever.

Now that we're almost to December and the official gift giving season, what are your favorites?


  1. I love the idea of giving unique memories--things that can't be bought in a store. Long after most of the trinkets and doodads that I've received have disappeared to hither yon, my photographs and personal mementos given by others will remain in my possession.

    Love the description of the gift received. Memories like that are precious.

    A Faraway View