Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Movie Review #2-- a.k.a. Why I Love Conan

I want to tell you that I went and saw the new Conan the Barbarian movie because I loved the original as a kid-- which I did. But I can't lie. Despite my childhood afinity to Arnold's big break, I went to the theater opening night to check out the remake of Conan for one reason and one reason alone-- Jason Momoa, a bona fide dreamy man.

Not familiar? Did you watch HBO's Game of Thrones and go weak in the knees over the broody, sweet Kahl Drogo? If not, suffice it to say that this 6'4", 31-year-old Hawaiin man is very worth shelling out the $11 to see a movie.

Other than Jason Momoa, I had zero expectations for Conan, and I must say, unlike my disappointment with Cowboys and Aliens, I was pleasantly suprised. There is a coheisve plot, good pacing, and actual character building.Oscar worthy? Certainly not, but it is an excellent use of 2 hours of your time.

The plot rings similar to the original-- Conan hails from a fierce tribe of warriors, a tribe that is wiped out by an evil king when Conan is a child. He is left alive to grow into an incredibly attractive man (are you getting my love for Jason Momoa?) who is bent on revenge.

Despite sticking reasonably to the original plot, the movie did take great advantage of new strides in special effects. Rose McGowan does a suprisingly good job playing the creepy witch-daughter of the evil king, with such tricks up her sleeve as conjuring the occasional dust zombie.

If you're a man, lots of good fight scenes, as well as a strong enough plot to tie them all together with keep you entertained. If you're a woman, Jason Momoa. 'Nuf said.

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  1. I really like your post but I don't like Conan. I like Cowboys & Aliens. I don't find the story interesting although Jason Momoa done a fair and wonderful performance.In my opinion its not the movie which worth your time. So I won't recommend this movie to watch.