Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why is it so soothing...

So, for those of you who have asked, yes, this weekend was the Penn State trip. I didn't get to meet Serg, but I DID talk to Katrina (an investigator from PRS that you probably recognize from the show) and Ryan Buell, the main dude and writer.

Firstly, Katrina is a sweetheart. She laughs easily and sincerely, which is something I always appreciate in a person. We got to the social hour after a really, really interesting lecture on demonology (we'll see if I sleep tonight). We were late and had to sit sort of far away from everyone else. I believe we were the only people who had never been to a PRS event before, and, admittedly, the only people there that are not paranormal entusiasts. I find it intersting, and intriguing, and I want to learn more, but I don't ever see myself with an EMF meter. But, who knows?

Anyway, after hours of watching the mingling but being a bit too far removed from it to organically participate, Katrina appeared at the table and sat and talked to us for 30 minutes or so. That lady can hang! You don't quite know if you want to shop with her or arm wrestle her, and that is my favorite kind of person.

So, during this half an hour, Ryan sort of popped by the table (I'll attach photos if I can figure out how) but then got distracted. I sort of felt for the guy. As much as I was so excited to sit and talk to him and pick his brain about his book writing process, EVERYONE there wanted to pick Ryan's brain about SOMETHING. He was gracious and patience, but as someone who would be infinitely uncomfortable with that level of attention, I was mystified by how well he handled it. Perhaps he is more a people person than I am (actually, he defnitely must be-- were I in his shoes, I would have simply been mute or intoxicated).

In fairness, I was slightly awkward and dorky. Both the PRS business manager and Katrina expressed interest in something relevent to me-- one looking for a marketing job, and the other thinking about trying to become a writer-- and I gave them each one of my cards. I still feel like a tool for doing it.

Anyway, Katrina finally wondered on, and Sarah and Steph asked if it was time to go. My conversation with Ryan thus far had been "hello" but there was a mob of people around him. That, plus my assuredness that if I tried to talk to him I would come out sounding like a babbling idiot (cuz, you know, its what I do), meant that I was ready to go. But, my wonderful friends reminded me that this guy knew a lot about the book process, and is someone I admire and respect, and I would regret it if I didn't try to go have a conversation with him.

So, I grew a set and did just that. We had a brief, but really nice conversation about books and cemetaries, etc. Again, I got about 90 seconds of his attention, but my gut reaction to the guy is that he is frenetic. It's a word I use to describe myself, and I always find it exciting to meet other people that match that description. He is also very sweet, and attentive, and tall.

I didn't get to talk to Serg, which bums me out, but who knows... perhaps another day and another three hour road trip is in my future.

Steph and Sarah made this weekend a blast. I have the best friends ever. Sarah sacrificed her birthday so we could go meet the people who live in my tv, and endured wayyyyyy too much of listening to me talk about my book (I think, if I don't back down, she might institute a book burning in November).

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