Friday, April 11, 2014

My favorite "J" character

A few days ago I mentioned my propensity to relate more closely with the male leads in YA novels. The example that sprouted this revelation, Four from Divergent, was not on my A-Z list of favorite characters because he is super sexy.

My J character absolutely is.

J is for Jace Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments

While common in my teen years, the fictional crush was something I thought I had grown out of now that I have reached my thirties. Jace proved this assumption wrong.

A talented and sarcastic Shadowhunter, Jace chases demons and other dark beings through the streets of New York. When he meets Clary (who is not on this list because of her Bella Swan-esque tendency to ignore directives meant to keep her safe and then wonder why people are annoyed at her), he finds a kindred spirit and a great love.

I devoured the five installments of this series in two weeks. Worse yet, I swooned… yes, swooned… and often had to stop myself from paging ahead to get to more Jace.

He is firmly rooted on my list of all-time favorite characters.

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  1. Gotcha on H and I and this one. :-)

    The Mortal Instruments... I have to remind myself to add all the books in the series soon in my to-read list. Good post.