Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wedding advice for the 30-something dude of a bride... Part 1

So yesterday I mentioned that I've been fighting illness-- not the greatest thing in my life at the moment-- but did not mention something very, very exciting in my life. I am getting married! Next June, I am walking down the aisle.

What's interesting to me is the undocumented connection between an engagement ring (and this sparkly beauty is mine) and an increased estrogen level. Yes, ladies and gentleman, me-- lover of horror, action, and sci-fi films, hockey fan, and vehement hater of all things heart-shaped-- have turned into an habitual Pinterest swooner.

Two of my closest friends are also in various stages of wedding planning, but I am noticing something very interesting in comparing our collective experiences in light of that of the friends of mine who got married in their 20's had. It seems to me that when you're in your 30's, and in my case paying for the wedding yourself, you approach the whole experience in a different light.

Thus, though it goes against the writer in me who wants to reserve this space for all things literary, moving forward, I'm going to share some ideas and thoughts about staying sane, and avoiding bankruptcy, while planning a great event. Stay tuned for next Thursday...


  1. Cool beans. And hey, it's your blog to write about whatever you fancy.

    Congrats on getting hitched. I love being married, it's just the best best. Cheers to you and yours.

  2. Congratulations! Being married is a truly awesome thing.

  3. I'm so happy for you. Maybe there will be some wedding elements in your next family drama. ;-)