Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fun-- how NOT to blow your weekend

It's been one heck of a summer at the movies... unfortunately, I have not made some of the best selections for what to watch I suppose. So, instead of sharing some of my favorites (though I do have some of those), here is a recommendations for what to avoid.

Elysium was such a massive disappointment to me. I love Matt Damon, usually respect Jodi Foster, and was a big fan of District 9. However, instead of the futuristic action flick about writing wrongs and social justice that I was expecting, I found this to be a heavy-handed, rich-bashing bore.

Yep, Elysium was boring. And the writing was downright lazy. I don't believe that a big bank account renders one evil. Now sure, just like some people without money can be bad people, those with can also just suck. However, this film seems to imply that the worst thing one can be from a moral standpoint is wealthy. At no point are any of the rich citizens of Elysium, portrayed as living some kind of Jane Austen-esque leisure society life, shown as having any kind of redeeming characteristics.

And if boredom lazy writing was a truly bizarre casting decision that put Sharlto Copley, who was fantastic as the geek-turned alien in District 9, as a sadistic super-soldier. The part was a straight rip off of Dolph Lundgren's Street Preacher from Johnny Mnuemonic, and seriously, THAT movie is not one anyone should seek to emulate. Combined with a sporadic but over-done action, and a  straight up bizarre performance by Foster, Elysium was just a mess.

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