Thursday, November 1, 2012

Don't Wake Up Launch

Happy November!

And a happy day to me. November 1 marks the *official* launch of Don't Wake Up, though the book has been available on Amazon long enough to garner a few reviews.

Speaking of reviews, author Tia Bach, who's talent amazes me, posted a review on her blog this week that made me giddy! You can read the whole thing here.  But here is a snippet of her thoughts:

I'm sure some readers will have a difficult time with the uncertainty of the ending and general sadness of the novel, but I found it compelling, raw, and intensely honest. I love character-driven pieces, especially ones that I think about long after the last page. 

I hope you agree with her assessment! Don't Wake Up is now available through multiple retailers, including Amazon.

More to come, but I hope all is well as everyone begins to move towards the holidays.


  1. Thanks the blog snippet. I'm going to check her out.

  2. Honored to have reviewed this book. It stays with me, as all your work does. To have you call me talented, knowing how much I respect your talent, was the highlight of my week!

    Looking forward to promoting your launch!

  3. Shauna! New follower here... stumbled across your blog and realized we know the same people! Wonder how we haven't crossed paths before! You've got a lovely blog. I'll look forward to your future posts. :D