Thursday, October 18, 2012

Second Review! I am smiling....

So I mentioned on my Facebook page that sending books out for review was nerve wracking. Why? Well...
1. What if your book sucks and your too close to it to notice?
2. What if people don't get it?

The second question is not to insinuate that I am so deep that you need some kind of existential net to understand what is happening in my books. Mainly, I recognize that everyone's reading of a book is, of course, completely subjection. So I may set out to write a book that does XYZ, but a reader, based on mood, personal experience, etc., may read something completely different. And they may love, or hate it.

This is all a preamble to saying how exciting it is when a reviewer gets it and writes that review that tells you that, at least in some small way, you accomplished what you set out to do.

Today's review of Don't Wake Up on Literary R&R accomplishes just that! The full text is available over at their blog but here is one of my favorite highlights:

"With a haunting storyline, Don't Wake Up makes you question how well you can truly know a person, as well as how truly you can know yourself. 5 out of 5 stars! I wholeheartedly recommend this book!"

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  1. Congratulations. I hope that good reviews continue to pour in. But if you do get a bad one, do not obsess over it and move on as quickly as possible.