Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looking for a Few Good Bloggers

This is one of the most exciting times to be a writer-- the month before and after a book comes out!

At the beginning of November, my new novel Don't Wake Up will launch. I've sent out lots of review copies, and lined up a bunch of blogs for reviews; however, review work is never done.

So any of you out there that would be interested in reading an advanced copy of Don't Wake Up via eBook and posting your honest review, please let me know. The first five respondents will get a free copy, and my undying gratitude!

For any of you who might be interested, here is a bit more information:

Don’t Wake Up is a 51,000 word novel told from the perspective of Gillian, who has always encompassed the vast space between pretty and ugly. In fact, from her appearance, to her small town upbringing, to her simple job, there is nothing remarkable about her—and she is painfully aware of that. But everything changes when her husband Ricky experiences a mysterious fall that leaves him in a comatose state. As doctors and nurses assure her that Ricky will recover, Gillian thinks of the years of silence and manipulation that have overshadowed their marriage.

Gillian realizes that she dreams of the house to herself, and hopes Ricky does not wake up. Nonetheless, his eyes open to reveal a man who claims to remember nothing of his former self. Convinced that this another of his manipulation, Gillian seeks to test Ricky’s claims. She invents a family they never had, and fills his head with stories of an imaginary life. Ricky becomes a father, and an orphan, eagerly accepting magazine-clipped photos and an urn filled with cigarette ash as evidence of her stories. But, as Ricky persists in his assertion that he remembers nothing, Gillian begins to question how far she can go in punishing a man for sins he cannot remember committing.

The publication details follow for Don’t Wake Up are as follows:
·         Publication Date: Fall, 2012
·         Genre: Literary Fiction/ Women’s Fiction, BISAC: FIC019000FICTION / Literary
·         ISBN: 978-1479194636, Professionally edited and self published
·         Price: $11.95 paperback, $3.95 eBook


  1. I'd be happy to review a copy.

  2. Sounds likes an interesting book. Best wishes for a very successful book launch!

    If you can wait until January for a book review, I'd be happy to do one then.

  3. If you need another review, I'd be glad to help out.

    Congratulations, by the way ;)

  4. That's an AWESOME cover! I keep forgetting I have this on my Kindle. I keep forgetting a lot of things. Will try to get to it asap. xoxo

  5. Jessica, you know I don't judge forgetfulness ;-)