Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Travel Tuesday-- The Bar I Now Have to Travel To

I am currently in one of my favorite cities and definitely my favorite state to travel to... Portland, Oregon. So while I snap some pictures to focus on next week, I thought I would focus on one of my favorite places around home: Joe Squared.

Joe's is a pizza, music, arts, awesome food, amazing liquor selection bar in Baltimore. There are two locations, one in the Station North Arts District, and one in the Inner Harbor. And in either location, you will get amazing food.

Since I went to college with the Joe for whom the restaurant is named. Thus, the Station North location has become the defacto celebration, meeting, eating, and hanging out place. As you can see from these photos, we've had many a great night on the patio at Joe's.

But it isn't just loyalty to our friend that brings us there over and over... it is the food! I'm currently a big fan of the vegan pizza (I'm not vegan, but the roasted eggplant is hard to resist), but the Chicken, corn, and apple pizza will rock your world. There are risottos, and their awesomeness cannot be accurately described using the English Language. Oh,and chocolate walnut chicken wings... don't get me started!

If you are ever in Baltimore, it is a must go place!

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