Sunday, August 26, 2012

Max and Menna is Back!

I am pleased to announce that the Kindle version of my first novel Max and Menna is once again available for purchase. You can find it on Amazon here for Kindle. More formats to follow!

Max and Menna originally published in November 2010, and recieved some wonderful reviews and accolades. Then, earlier this year, my publisher closed its doors and the title went out of print. I am glad it is back, as the story is one I am very close to!

Here's what people had to say about Max and Menna:

Amazon Reviews

"I read this book in 2 days and had trouble putting it down. By the time you finish Max and Menna, you will feel like you have known these characters your whole life. As you watch Max, Menna, Nick grow up before your eyes in a prejudiced southern town, you find yourself cheering them on as they face adversity and draw strength from one another. This is a definite "Must Read"."

"What a haunting story. Days after finishing this book, I'm still thinking about it. Replaying scenes over and over in my head. It's really stayed with me. I'll admit the first 30 or so pages moved a bit slow but it picked up after that to the point where I had a hard time putting it down. The story is flawlessly written and the characters find their way into your heart. Definitely worth your time and a great book for any teenager/young adult in your life!"

"Kelley's debut novel, Max and Menna, is (I thought) the kind of book I personally don't like to read....
Despite...elements which I should have hated, I honestly loved this book. Kelley's carefully crafted network of memories and present action weave a story that pulls you in, making every page turn exciting and thoroughly engrossing. It (thankfully) lacks the triteness of "writer-as-hero" by offering wonderfully flawed, complicated central characters who may have good intentions, but struggle to make them reality. Though categorized as "young adult fiction", Kelley's thoughtful treatments of themes of racism, alcoholism, violence, and sex are presented with graceful truth that does not belabor ugly details and at the same time avoids the oversimplification/sanitization so common in the genre. The story is perhaps not appropriate for the "tween" set, but is perfectly appropriate for a reasonably mature 14 year old and carries itself just as well for the adult reader."

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