Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shennanigans in Salt Lake City

I have been traveling like a fiend lately, and I mean all over the place. In the last four weeks, I've been to Vegas twice, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Philadelphia and... well, there are more, but you get the idea. So I thought I would share some of my travel experiences, as I've had some quintessentially Shauna moments.

So I will start with Salt Lake City. Funny enough, I had never really wanted to go to Salt Lake. I don't ski, I like a glass of wine with dinner periodically, and it just seemed like any other city.

I was so wrong! Salt Lake City is really amazing. From a landscape perspective, Salt Lake is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I'm posting a picture from a gas station, yes a gas station, that shows what i mean. There are mountains everywhere!

But here the real story of my trip to Salt Lake-- how I managed to embarrass myself AND a nice young man who was just trying to bring me dinner.

I bought new pajamas before leaving for Salt Lake-- a white tee-shirt and sweats, my sleeping uniform. I arrived late at night, and went directly to my room and ordered room service. While waiting, I put on my new PJs and was busy checking email when it arrived.

The room service waiter looked very young, probably 19 or 20, and was very friendly and nice. He came in, asked me how my day was, set my tray down and turned around. At this point, his face turned bright red, he dropped his gaze to the floor, basically threw the receipt book at me and said he would wait in the hall for me to sign it. Massively confused, I signed the receipt book and opened the door. My young friend stared at the ceiling and thanked me. I wondered what THAT was all about as I closed the door and caught myself in the full length mirror.

One should always check new pajamas in a mirror before interacting with people, because, as it turns out, mine were completely see-through, which explains the red-faced young man. At least he was too polite to stare! Such a me move...

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  1. When my sister comes to SLC to visit me, she always says, Do you realize the beauty that surrounds you here, that you get to look at EVERY DAY??

    No, I don't always hehe. Sometimes I get tired of looking at mountains LOL.

    Great story too, that poor kid! I love that he was so respectful and embarrassed rather than leering and making some kind of lewd comment.