Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Horrors for Halloween- Part One

So All Hallows Eve is upon us, and this truly is my favorite times of year. Truly, it isn't the costumes and candy that I hold in such esteem, and though I enjoy a good ole fashioned debate on the constitutionality of celebrating it in public schools as much as the next guy, but that doesn't do it for me either. Halloween is made awesome to me because it means a month of scary movies readily accessible on cable and on demand.

I LOVE horror stories, be it in film or in book form. I am not big on gory slasher movies, but otherwise, anything goes. And I take explicit joy in the "diamond in the rough" movie you often find amidst a plethora of inane B movies (usually have to watch 10 to find 1).

So the theme for this month's blogs is my favorite scary stories.

Part 1- Skinwalkers

This is one of my favorite diamond in the rough stories. I really like Elias Koteas (he played Casey Jones, which  equals undying love in my book), and he was the only actor of name in it when I stumbled across it on the shelves of Blockbuster (yep, it was that long ago). I'm not normally much on the werewolf movie, but this one promised some good ole Native American legends thrown in, so I chanced my $2.99...

...and bought the film a week later.

You know how Twilight does the whole "evil" vampires who drink human blood vs "good" vampires that don't? Skinwalkers does that, but much, much better.

Underworld lovers will delight in Rhona Mitra as Rachel, who's world is turned upside down when she finds out that her late husband/father of her sick child was actually a werewolf. And her kid is at the center of a prophecy about someone who can end the curse of the were. So the good werewolves want him safe so they can become human again, and the bad werewolves want him dead so they can continue to enjoy their bloodlust.

Some good twists and turns, an actual emphasis on plot development, and a dearth of unnecessary gore make this one of my top picks for Halloween! To Netflix you go... or, if you prefer, it is in my A-store for download from Amazon here.

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  1. I think everyone enjoy Halloween Eve time. This time I watched Skin walkers. I really love horror movies. This movie lived up to my expectations. I had good time watching it. This is one of best horror movies of this season. I surely want you to watch it.