Sunday, June 26, 2011

What you don't know about being a writer...

... Is that it takes PATIENCE! And, you might have heard, those of us of Irish decent are not known for possessing this virtue in abundance.

But it does... patience.

For example, the process of submitting work for publication takes a really, really long time, which is not a mystery to anyone in the world. I started submitting work seriously when I was 22-- short stories, novel queries, etc. It took 7 years to get published.

Looking at a novel, for example, the process CAN go something like this:

1. Send query (email or print) and wait at least 3 weeks (usually more like 6) for a response.
2. If the publisher/agent wants to see more, send the full manuscript, and wait 6-12 weeks for a response. If they decline your query, start again.
3. If the publisher wants your work... well... best case. Otherwise, start over.

So, all in all, one rejection can take 18 weeks or so. Now, I have had dark periods where I stop submitting for months, or years, but I am commited to dilligence now.

And I am in the middle of this, currently! I declined a publishing contract on book #2 because it wasn't what I envisioned, and went another way. I know have someone reviewing the full manuscript, and have put in 3.5 weeks of waiting for a response.

I think I have a few more weeks yet, but I do wish the mail man would show me some love!

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