Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feeling like a writer again!

Today, as we brace for the announcement of the Book of the Year awards, I am rememdying a nagging feeling I have had all week-- I haven't felt like a writer.

Its the issue with us writing types-- so many of us are temperamental. I'm stalled waiting on some things to come to fruition on book #2, which is really frustrating. I also a very mediocre review of Max and Menna last week. I really need to work on thick skin! It wasn't even a really bad review, but I let myself get all upset and discouraged...

As a result of all of this, I have just felt stuck, and very un-writerly.

And so I owe my ultimate thanks to Joli from Acting Up with Books. She recieved a review copy a few months ago, and posted her review of Max and Menna  last week. Not only is her review humblingly positive (seriously, I am speechless), but she also really seemed to get the intention of the novel. It's a great feeling to see a reader really engage with your work! If you want to read her review, you can find it here:

Thus, two hours before the awards are announced, I finally feel like a writer again!

I am about to get in the car and meet my brother in Atlantic City for some good food, good company, and craps! I have my fingers crossed for my fellow Lucky Press authors who are finalists as well-- they both truly deserve the awards-- as for me, I am just honored to be acknowledged alongside books like A Blue So Dark, and The Second Trial... and hopeful that the craps table will render me a winner anyway!

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  1. Max and Menna has really left its mark on me. I plan to reread it and will be sharing it with my friends. It really is an incredible story. Thank you for your kinds words and for participating in Love My Indie.