Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Seriously... one taker?

Hey all,

So, I am a few days late on my leader board, but that is because up until yesterday there WAS no leaderboard. And today it is very short. "Charlanne" <--That is the leaderboard. Come on people, free stuff! And all you have to do for a chance at free stuff is go to Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, or your blog, and tell the internet about a writer who's book inspired you. OR if you're new here, click "follow" in the upper right hand corner. Then, whether you reviewed a book or are a new following, post a comment and tell us about it. Do that between now and midnight on December 15, and you may win a FREE hardback copy of Max and Menna.

I am very much in earnest when I say that as readers you shouldn't underestimate the influence you have. There are some amazing communities online that are here solely to help readers find awesome stuff to read, and you should add your voice! Never before in the history of mankind have we had this option, and it really is exciting.

And since its dinner time, you should all know that the most amazing dinner you could seek out on this cold, blustery tuesday, is the apple and venison soup on special at Joe Squared. No, I get no kick back, thanks, or retribution at all from Joe for constantly recommending the restaurant. But seroiusly, the specials blow me away every week and I have to tell SOMEONE...

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