Monday, December 27, 2010

On being 30

And the winner is... Charlanne... of my two contest entrants (thanks to you both) her name came out of the fishbowl. Char-- send me your address on Facebook and I will get a book in the mail to you!

I am a few days late on this, I know, but I am sure everyone can emphatize with nutty schedules around the holidays. Rolled up into all of this, I also had a very momentous birthday. Yes, boys and girls, I have reached a milestone. I am 30.

Thirty fits me, I think. My 20's always felt a bit too small, like the entire decade was one of trying to tie a shoe that pinched my toes. I am sad, a bit, to see it go, but also exhilerated with thoughts of what shall come. And so, I will share with you all a bit of a poem/ fragment/ nonsensical rambling that I put together.

Things I will try to do differently in my 30's....

Less cigarettes
Less liquor
Less letting my sweet tooth win
Less broken hearts
Less melodrama when the broken hearts occur (because broken hearts are a vital part of adulthood)
Less anxiety
Less unrealistic expectations of myself

More of being glad for knowing who I am (because it took a long, long time to get there)
More books with my name on the cover
More happy tears to counter-balance the sad ones
More of trying to be the kind of woman my mother was
More being proud of the kind of woman I am

Less worrying when people meet me and think I am hard
More of getting to know people so they see I am not

Less feeling guilty for other people's kindness
More of giving presents for no real reason

Less lonely friday nights
More of being glad every single day for the amazing friends and family that I have.

Smiles, everyone. I hope your holidays are going well.


  1. What a wonderful list, Shauna! Something everyone can take to heart, no matter their age.

    I am wishing you a wonderful THIRTY and 2011!

    All the best,

  2. Yay, Shauna, and happy 3-0! =) Smiles to you, too.