Monday, July 12, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Here’s what I believe: life has to be about finding little joy.

Here’s what I mean: I think it is natural to want the big thing—the great love, the perfect job, the white picket fence life. But, that just isn’t the way it works out for all of us, and you have to take the little bits of joy where you can get them.

Sometimes you have to believe that life is more than the sum of its parts, kiddo.

The last couple of weeks have been tough, but what it has reinforced to me over and over is that it is the ability to look at all of the parts—the good parts—and know that they add up to something better than what you see on the surface.

Today is a day when I am thinking about my favorite things. A free night to watch a silly movie (which is what I am doing now—God bless you AVP Requiem), or that best friend who just knows what to say and what not to say.

There are the places that make me happy, or make me feel comfortable, or at home. These are places like Gambrill State Park, the rocks over looking Harpers Ferry, the Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans. There are comfort foods that somehow make things feel OK—an Ultimate Roll from Chiyo, Spinach and Prosciutto Risotto from Joe Squared, Spicy Croquettes from Tapas Teatro. Then, the songs that I listen to over and over when I am sad to feel better, all of which are guilty pleasure songs- Shattered by OAR, Somewhere Only We Know by Keane, or Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

All of these little pleasures add up—moments of happiness that build life to be something more than the sum of its parts.

Really, no point to this rambling. Just things I have been thinking as life gets a little harder.

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