Sunday, June 27, 2010

Crowd Sourcing for a Book Title!

So yes, I am a lax blogger through and through. The last few weeks have been chaotic, to put it mildly, and I am having a hard time remembering to do anything! This morning I got out of the shower and was completely dressed before I realized that I hadn't rinsed the conditioner out of my hair.

But, in the interim since blogs, a whole lot has happened, personally, with work, and in terms of the writing. The big news is that I am posting this immediately after finishing...drum roll...novel number two.

I must say that finishing a book (both times) has been rather anti-climactic to me because I am absolutely the perpetual editor. I periodically have to remind myself that I cannot make further changes to Max and Menna because it is only a few months away from publication. But, because of this, a story never feels done. I am anxious to see if holding the book in my hands, if reading reviews, and hearing feedback on the book will somehow finalize it in my mind, or if I will always be thinking of ways I could have kept going.

So, I did "finish" my second novel. I am going back and forth on titles. May be My Stranger Husband, but Q insists that this title, combined with its subject matter, make it seem like fodder for a Lifetime TV Movie. The alternate is Chocolates for a Comatose Man. This is a strange feeling for me, because Max and Menna was always called that. The idea of changing the title to me was tantamount to bastardizing the story (I know, I know, a melodramatic writer). But here, I am just not sure which title is more befitting, or if I should care was Q thinks :0)

So-- thoughts? Vote! Tell me what you're thinking! I am pasting a description below because I am at a loss here...

This is the story of Gillian who begins telling about her life as she sits by the bed of her comatose husband. While nurses and doctors come in to reassure her that he will recover well from a mysterious fall, Gillian mulls over the events that have made up their cold, and loveless marraige. She secretly delights in the freedom of a house to herself, a delight that is cut short when her husband awakes.

Upon opening his eyes, Ricky seems to be a very different man. He has few memories of his life and doesn't recognize Gillian. Convinced that this is a continuation of the cruel mind games her husband has always played, Gillian begins to tell him stories of a life that never existed. She makes up children that were never born, and helps him through learning of his mother's death, despite the fact that his mother is still very much alive. Through all of this Gillian hopes to draw him out and force him to admit the manipulation, but ultimately begins to question not only the validity of his illness, but also how far she can go to punish a man for sins he can't remember committing.


  1. I'm with your friend. Lifetime movie all the way!

  2. Damnit Wade! You ladies sure know that the way to dissuade me from doing anything is dropping the word "Lifetime" and playing on my terror of being categorized as a trite, cliche, or otherwise commodotized writer. Perhaps I have an obscure perception of my own style.

  3. I like what I read. Sounds like it's a book I would like to read. Not sure about either title though. Chocolates for a Comatose sounds like something of a comedy based novel. What I read sounds more suspenseful. "Mind Games" could work from what I've read so far. Can't wait to read it.

  4. I'd go for the Chocolates title, but only because I associate the confection with punishment not pleasure. The general population would disagree, I'm sure!

  5. I hate to say it but I agree that "My Stranger Husband" does sound like a lifetime original; but wouldn't you be laughing all the way to the bank if they picked it up? "Chocolates for a Comatose Man" does sound like a comedy. I was expecting a comedic book on how to reengage my husband into being romantic (or maybe start). Sorry, Shauna, I'm really no help. I have no original suggestions of my own. I'm sure you will be enlightened any day with a glorious title befitting you new novel.

  6. Here's a thought: Sins He Has Forgotten. Still too Lifetime?

  7. So, I'm way late on posting on this, but I don't think "Sins He Has Forgotten" is too Lifetime. That sounds pretty cool from the description you posted. I haven't even read your first book, and I'm excited about your second! Hope you are hanging in there, friend. Know that after I read your most recent post tonight, I said a little prayer for you.