Monday, April 14, 2014

My Favorite "L" Character...

Moving on through my April digest of my favorite characters, I am happy to get to L.  Back in February, I shared some excitement over falling in love with a new author, Barbara Kingsolver (you can see that post here). The book I fell in love with, The Poisonwood Bible, also contains a character I fell in love with...

L is for... Leah Price.

The Poisonwood Bible is the story of a missionary family in the dense jungle of the Congo shortly before the country succumbed to revolution. Told through the women in the family, including a mother and four daughters, it is an uncomfortable, riveting depiction of a man who puts faith before family and watches his world crumble.

Leah Price is the middle child, for which I immediately loved her. She is fierce and independent and, in the story, is the only woman to ever openly defy her increasingly erratic and unreasonable father. Furthermore, Leah is the only member of the family that actively seeks out a better understanding of the Congolese people.

Through her very distinct voice, I was swept up so completely in this story that I tore through a 400+ page book in just under a week. She is truly a fierce and wonderful female character.


  1. She sounds intriguing and a character I would enjoy learning more about.

  2. The distinct voice is so powerful and touching and part of love...
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