Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Favorite "I" Character

OK, I am cheating a little bit on I. I’ve been trying to stick to characters from books (with or without film adaptations) that had stayed with me for this series. However, my love and appreciation for my I character is strong enough to allow an exception for one television character.

I is for Isabelle Crawley from Downton Abbey

 Isabelle Crawley, a distant relation to the well-to-do Grantham family, appears in the first episode of the show with her son, Matthew. Isaballe is in every way a quiet upstart in the eyes of the aristocracy she associates with. She elects to have a job when she clearly has the means not to. She takes on the poor and downtrodden as projects and routinely sets them on the path for a better life.

In short, in a cast full of the snooty upperclass, Isabelle is the ultimate bleeding heart liberal and shy feminist. Her interactions with Lady Violet bring comedy to the show, and her unprecedented empathy bring it some humanity.


  1. I never watched Downton Abbey, but I really wanted to!

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  2. I love her character too! And the actress portrays her wonderfully. That show is a guilty pleasure, and I totally own up to it :)

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  3. I love Isabelle and Dowager's banter. I perk right up with the two of them on are air. I love that she is such a stand up, strong woman character and well, so is the Dowager too. They butt heads and I smile everytime they are together.

  4. Haven't watched this, but it sounds great.

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