Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Favorite Books to Give: Paranormal YA

When I was 10, I gave everyone in my family books for Christmas. At that age, Christmas is still something magical and nebulous. To me, the holiday extended beyond the gifts under the tree and Amy Grant’s Christmas album playing on repeat in the background. Christmas was a feeling, an excitement that was almost tangible. As such, books represented the perfect gift to me—something that could also create that infinite feeling.

I’m older now, with somewhat more practical concerns. Nonetheless, I am still a frequent book-giver, and still hope that my gifts will impart a little of that infinite feeling to the receivers.

Thus, what better way to blog through December than a list of my favorite books to give? Today’s edition… for your paranormal YA lover.

Have you seen a YA reader in your life reading Twilight… and grimaced? I admit to devouring Meyer’s whole series when in my 20’s (and secretly loving it), but I hate the idea of young girls reading Bella Swan. Young women should have strong female characters in their life! And so, I am happy to recommend Chasing Memories by my good friend Tia Bach.

Take a break from vampires and zombies and check out this novel with a hint of Lycan and a whole bunch of girl power. Bach’s main character Reagan is OK with saying no to her sex-starved boyfriend, and much more worried about the changes she is facing after a strange animal attack than about what the hottest trend is.

For the 13 and over in your life, Chasing Memories is an engrossing read, and a delightful gift!


  1. I saw that book reviewed elsewhere - the person said it was really good.

  2. You gave me 'A Prayer for Owen Meany' for Christmas one year because I'd mentioned that I like John Irving. It is still one of my favourites. I will never, ever forget how hard I laughed -- there were tears -- at the scene where Owen comes across the mannequin in the middle of the night and "howls like a banshee". To this day, that is one of the funnier scenes I've ever read.