Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Travel Tuesday... Wisconsin is Awesome! Who knew?

Who know Wisconsin was so beautiful? Actually, it turns out as I’ve been talking with people that everyone but me knew that Wisconsin was beautiful.

I had a recent opportunity to travel with Wisconsin (a new state!) for work. I think by virtue of the name and my own ignorance, I had always assumed Milwaukee would be something like, I don’t know… Detroit or Trenton, NJ. I found a charming little town that was anything but.

And, as I learned, even in the heart of downtown, you are minutes away from view like this…

…and can enjoy treats like this: a chocolate pumpkin bar that was sinfully rich, wonderfully delicious, and gave me a so-worth-it stomachache.

So don’t make my mistake and write Wisconsin off as just another city—it is well worth the trip!

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