Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

First of all, let me wish the best to those of you who, like me, just endured Frankenstorm. We had lots of wind and rain in my corner of the world, but the most disturbing impact was slow and spotty internet access throughout today. My thoughts and prayers to the families in New York and New Jersey that lost their homes. 

Happy Halloween to everyone! I've been remiss in sharing more about my favorite scary stories this month. It's been a CRAZY month, with lots of work, and more importantly, one awesome vacation.

But, nonetheless, today is the day to give mad props to the scary stories we love. I, in fact, believe that writing a good scary story (for film or print) is one of the most difficult tasks charged to a writer. And so, hats off to the scary movie that first got me hooked.

Given that I am a child of the 80's, its likely no surprise that Poltergeist was my first taste of the terrifying. I saw it when I was about seven (against my parent's wishes, if memory serves), and to this day I have never gotten over my fear of what is in the closet.

The moment that sticks with me from Poltergeist is likely the same moment that sticks with many of us-- the stuffed clown toy. To me, that image presented to me at such a formative moment came to symbolize true terror.

What did it for you? What is your iconic horror movie moment?

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