Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Write by Wednesday- Self and Vanity Publishing

Following my recent series on self publishing, I was extremely interested to see the recent Huffington Post article on self publishing. It says a lot of the things many of us on the blogosphere have been saying about self-publishing, but one quote that really jumped out to me:

"Self-publishing has not only democratized publishing, it has opened up the opportunity for authors to publish at low or no cost, own all the rights, control the pricing and timetable for publishing and get their books listed for sale and distribution on major outlets and platforms..."

The "democratizing" function of self-publishing instantly grabbed me-- the MBA in me immediately hears this as "a true free market economy." That's right, we've created a true economy based on supply and demand. As readers, we can absolutely own the direction of the market in self-publishing.

You should check out the whole article:

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