Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Write by Wednesday-- Bringing it Back

So I am trying to get back up to speed after a long, but hopefully understandable hiatus. The second week of August is always a big company gathering for training, which I present. So there is a lot of lead up, and then a full week of 16 hour days, and then (for me) 2-3 days of straight sleeping to recover.

This year we were in Phoenix. There was record setting heat in Phoenix (117 degrees). I don't like heat.

But, I do have exciting news to share-- I am working to get Max and Menna back up on Kindle by the end of the month. I am working on some formatting and fixing a few errant typos that have been pointed out since the book published (apparently I disregard the difference between 'then' and 'than.' when I write).

I'm working full speed ahead on this to pave the way for... well, some other big news I will be discussing over the coming weeks.

But, for now, I leave you with my (almost final) new cover for Max and Menna. I will always miss the daffodils from the original cover, but I am slowly falling in love with this one. What do you think?


  1. Looks good! I love your book! I can't wait to have it in ebook format :)

  2. I like it. Daisies are my favorite flowers.

  3. I love the artistic feel to it, almost like a painting. And I love the quote. :-) The pop of yellow on the original cover drew you in, but this one keeps your interest longer.

  4. Hi there! Best of luck with your book.

    I've been trying to reach you because you expressed an interest in a Ninja spotlight interview on the Kelworth files - did you get my emails?

  5. Hi, Shauna. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog.

    I like the cover of your book. Best of luck with it!