Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Write by Wednesday Post 1

When I am not being insecure, I am looking forward to spending some Wednesday time paying homage to why I am here and what I love-- writing!

My personal goal for the month of May is learning to actually appreciate the successes in my life, which I am so often dismissive of. I realized quite dismally last month that I have now been looking for an agent for my second novel for over a year.

It seems like glacial pace, and I really struggle with that!

BUT, I have published by short story collection in the meantime, and gotten some lovely feedback on it. I didn finish my MBA, and do have 30,000 words done of my third novel.

So, glacial on book #2, yes, but I am working hard on this whole "being a writer" thing.

What do you do when you feel like the writing career is stalled?


  1. Agent hunting takes awhile, and publishing moves at a glacial pace anyway. Keep at it. Don't give up. congrats on completing your MBA and your progress on novel3.

  2. Good luck on your May writing goals. I'm trying to stay in touch with my new followers and it's a full time job. And still find time to work on my writing.

  3. Query publishers instead! That's what I did. I got a hit on my first one and signed a book deal. Try it! You don't need an agent with the smaller presses, and you have much more control over your book, too. Good luck!! And thanks so very much for dropping, commenting, and following!! I've returned the favor. :)

  4. The only thing you can do is keep writing. The more work you have to put out there the better your chances of it kicking off. Great idea to focus on your successes, we should all do that.

  5. My perspective is this: I am writing because I have to - it's a genetic predisposition to chatter in any form at all times. If others appreciate my output I'm thrilled. I love a finished piece and would love to make my living from them. Success is in the doing I say. Appreciation is the task of others!