Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reflections on A to Z...

I am very excited to say that I completed the A to Z challenge and was mostly successful at sticking to my commitment to it. I did post every day, and only missed (and then made up) commenting due to technical difficulties while on the road.

And what an exciting challenge! Lots happened.

  • I found almost 30 new blogs that I love and am looking forward to frequenting. 
  • I have almost 30 new followers that I am hoping I can entertain
  • I learned/reaffirmed knowledge about my communication style...
Here is the phenomenon:
I work with a largely remote team, so most of my interactions are over email. Twice a year we all get together. Inevitably, during one of those gatherings someone spends some time with me and says something to the effect of "Wow, you're like... nice..." with the utmost surprise.

My writing, particularly in email and (as I've realized) blog comments vacillates between the very terse (because I didn't force myself to slow down) or the extremely dramatic (because I am passionate). Regardless of motivation, both come across as forceful, which is never my intent. I just get so excited.

And so, with my new-found friends and blogs, my intention is to comment thoughtfully, and save my passion and terseness for here... my own blog.

I am going to be trying something new in May, and beyond if it works... a schedule. Gulp. Loosely, I am trying to tie my ramblings into coherent themes, which are as of now:
  • Travel Tuesdays-- notes and pictures from the road
  • Writing Wednesdays-- notes on being a would-be writer
  • Friday Fun-- some Netflix suggestions and ideas from a professed movie buff

Stay tuned! And Happy May Day!

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  1. Unlike you I am still catching up on comments, glad you enjoyed the challenge and thanks for visiting.