Monday, January 2, 2012

Writing as Work?

So every year, I have the same New Year's Resolution: Get back into the jeans size I wore in college. Thanks to random illness in 2011, I am starting 2012 a bit closer to that goal (about 1.5 sizes away), but since I never quite make it, I thought this year I would add a new resolution, one brought on my the experiences of the last week:

Starting April 1, I am going to start treating writing like work. (April 1 because I am then done with grad school and will actually have time).

Here is why...

Writing has always been my hobby- something I did to calm down, cool off, vacate the writing itch from my brain, etc. But I just had 12 days off work. I did not meet my 25,000 word goal for writing, but I did succeed in being disciplined. Excepting weekends, I got up, showered, and set to work. I wrote (or edited) just about every morning for anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. Then I worked on blogging, self-publishing Listening In, my short story collection on Kindle, promoting Max and Menna, pulling together records of last year's activities for the tax man, etc.

In short, last week, writing was my job.

And it is the best damned job I have ever had (and I say that despite mostly loving my actual job now). And I want it to maybe one day be my only job. And that takes more discipline than I typically have for writing.

So once I am a Master, I will pick up an official part time job-- my writing. In 2012, I hope it will finally and officially transcend hobby.


  1. I hope that 2012 becomes the year where we both can support ourselves with our writing! Thanks for following my blog, Roland

  2. Wonderful, Shauna! I'm sure it will be a fantastic year for you. Congratulations on your new degree, also!