Monday, January 23, 2012

I need a little help on Stephen King

So my boyfriend loves Stephen King. And I mean loooooooooovvvvvveeessss him. For those of you who have relegated Stephen King into a pulp horror fiction genre, I actually do think he is much, much more than that. I've read a bunch of his stuff, and I really like most of it. But the boy... he looooooooooovvvvveessssssss it all.

And so, over the past year plus that we've been together, I've been told a myriad of times that I need to read The Dark Tower series. In fact, he is one of about a dozen people who have told me that. But here is my problem:

  1. The more people tell me I HAVE to read something, the most I resist (childish, I know, but it isn't just to be obstinate, it is based on past experience). I usually avoid the next great thing that everyone is buzzing about. Sometimes I'm wrong-- I was a late Harry Potter convert and now a big fan. Other times I am not-- I didn't care for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and do not get me started on the Alex Cross books. 
  2. I am just not sure I can dive into another series right now. Said boyfriend got me into A Song of Ice and Fire, which I thoroughly enjoy(ed), but five months later I am STILL plugging through book five (I did take a Hunger Games break, a psuedo-I-was-wrong instance referenced in number 1)
  3. There are fans, there are really strong fans, and then there are rabid-in-your-face-you-aren't-a-real-person-until-you've-experience-this fans. The latter drive me crazy. These are the people who ruined Pearl Jam for me, the people who heckle me every single Friday for not wearing Ravens-purple to work even though I don't like football. I am a strong fan about a lot of things. I border on rabid from time to time. But the Dark Tower pushers act as though I have not progressed in a literary sense beyond "See Spot run" since I haven't read these books. It drives me bananas and makes me not want to read the books out of spite (yes, I recognize that this makes me sound 12).
  4. I like Stephen King a lot, but I am just so skeptical that these books are really the best thing out there...
 So I would like some feedback from any of you out there who aren't rabid and won't make fun of me or declare me to be uncultured and stupid for not reading these books... are they really THIS good?

Consequently, for those of you now worried that I might be in an emotionally abusive relationship, I am not. The boy is actually the mildest in his assertion. From him, I get "Honey, you've got to read these," and not the same "Oh my God! HOW HAVE YOU NEVER READ THIS? I thought you were some kind of writer," that I've gotten from others.


  1. Well, I have not read much Stephen King at all (never finished one of his books yet. I am trying 11/22/63 now). I think he's a good writer, but I can feel you on not totally loving him. I didn't think the Girl With the Dragon Tatoo was stellar either.

  2. I have only finished four out of seven, but I enjoyed them very much. I would not call anything Stephen King has ever written the top of the literary pillar, but I've never been disappointed either. I think it's worth the commitment, and they read a lot faster than George Martin, who I too love.

    Thankee, sai.

  3. Never read King in my life until I picked up On Writing. I have to say... I was impressed, and itching to finally read him. I received 11/22/63 for Christmas and joined a Stephen King challenge to get motivated. Now to take the plunge... looking forward to hearing what you decide to do!