Monday, October 10, 2011

Reflections on the Baltimore Book Festival

A few weeks ago, I had the privelage of participating in the Author's Tent at the Baltimore Book Festival. I was extremely excited to be part of an event that included two of my favorite authors- Libba Bray and Sherman Alexie-- and to have the chance to sell some books on my home turf.

Reality, however, rarely lives up to what you envision. And my vision of selling some books and feeling all literary was swept away by rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. I sat amidst some very interesting self-published authors, and we all worked together to move tables and save our books from frequently sprouting leaks.

I didn't sell a single book. In fact, I didn't even come close to selling a single book.

But the day was not a total bust! Late in the afternoon, when I was contemplating packing up and calling it a day, a confused woman wandered up to my table and asked if I knew where the authors were supposed to go. I looked up, resigning myself to the fact that I was to be nothing but a direction giver at this festival, and found myself talking to Libba Bray.

What a totally awesome lady! I threw on my (already drenched) sweatshirt and walked her to where she needed to go. As we got pelted with rain, I chattered very nervously, a little intimidated by conversing with an author I so adore, but got nothing but kindness back from Ms. Bray. As we arrived at her destination, she thanked me for walking her, and asked me the title of my book and the publisher.

I won't soon forget the way she said "Max and Menna. Lucky Press. I am going to get it!"

I only hope she did, but regardless, getting to associate such a sweet, approachable, and interested person with the name on so many of the books on my YA shelf made sitting in the rain oh so tolerable!


  1. Aw wow. That must have been such a lovely end to your day! Great going!

  2. I love this post. Puts everything into perspective. Thanks, Shauna.