Saturday, June 11, 2011

... and the winner is...

Thanks to everyone for their participation in last week's contest. I am excited to see so many reviews!  I apologize for being MIA most of the week-- work took me on a mini tour of the US: Baltimore to Dallas to Atlanta to Orlando to Baltimore, all in the span of 4.5 days.

But now, I am excited to announce the winners I've drawn from the hat-- well, actually, a bowl, as I couldn't find a hat. Because there were so many excellent reviews posted, I've decided to award TWO prizes! And here they are:

A $25 Amazon gift certificate goes to Vivien for her Goodreads review of Forbidden, located here: This book is not my normal type of read, but I must say that I am intrigued by a book that "Flays you alive" (according to Vivien).


A $10 Amazon gift certficiate goes to Bee for her Goodreads review of Fury, located here:, a review that promises, in all caps, to introduce me to one of the best characters written in YA. Ever.

I will be emailing the winners today about these prizes, but all of the reviews posted were truly exccellent. I am so honored and excited to inhabit an online community that is so communitted to sharing their love of books. Again, I thank you all.

And since it is Saturday, and I have decided to refer to this day henceforth as "Shameless Self Promotion Saturday" check out Carbohydrates and Conjunctions, a very excellent blog about reading and eating (two of my favorite things) for a new review of Max and Menna:


  1. Thank you SO much! This really made my day.
    This was a wonderful way to conduct a giveaway. Thank YOU!

  2. Thanks again! I'm really glad you enjoyed the review.