Saturday, May 21, 2011

My favorite book... part 3, or why I LOVED Paranormalcy

I LOVE getting lost in a book. Seriously. These are the moments I live for, and those that I wish and hope and strive to create as an author. And this is exactly why I am gushing about Paranormalcy, the first novel by Kiersten White. As a first novel, it is wonderfully impressive, well sculpted, and highly enjoyable. In the genre of teen paranormal fiction (which is, apparently, a HUGE genre), this is a book to set the bar much higher than it has been. Seriously, Bella Swan, you best watch your back.

I read about this book on a blog and ordered it our of curiousity. I took it on an airplane with me last Thursday, thinking it was something to read during those pesky take-off/landing periods where I couldn't have my computer open. In actuality,

I never opened my laptop.

Instead, I got pulled into the world of Evelyn (no last name), a member of an international organization charged with documenting, tagging, and nuetralizing all manners of paranormal fiends. And just like Bella Swan's ability to block Edward's telepathy and Sookie Stackhouse's ability to read the minds of the living, Evelyn has a gift. She sees through the glamours of the paranormal, which makes her one kick butt investigaotor.

I was instantly so impressed by White's writing, and so enamored of Evie's voice, that I found myself confused when the pilot came on the intercom to say we were landing. This was then followed by four hours of sheer aggravation that I had to work before I could finish.

Evie is what a heroine shoulsd be. Strong, empathetic, intelligent, sassy, and inquisitive-- this is a role model for girls, who is as admirable as she is real. White tells of first kisses, and the heart break of discovering her past all with the same gentle, believable touch.

All in all, very impressive, and highlyl recommended. Getting lost in the book-- my favorite book activity :) And with that stretch, I think we shall call this series closed!

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