Friday, May 13, 2011

My favorite book... Part 1

I'm apparently all about the series, lately, so here is another topic I love... my favorite book _________. Part 1, my favorite (independant) bookstore.

This one is easy, and I am going to call out a store I have (unfortunately) only had the pleasure of visiting twice-- Main Street Books in Frostburg, MD. In the interest of full disclosure, They were the first bookstore to host a signing event for Max and Menna, so I am a bit biased, but my bias cannot taint the true amazingness of this place!

I love readers-- most of my friends read voraciously. I do believe there are readers who love to read for pleasure, distraction, etc., and then there are true bibliophiles, who get so engrossed in stories that they are consumed and can think of nothing else when in the middle of a good book. Readers can become biblophiles, bibliophiles get busy and are readers, and regardless of classification, they are all the kind of people I want to be around!

When you walk into Main Street Books, all you feel is "Bibliophiles live here." It's a warm, inviting space with friendly employees and a focus that is consistently and constantly on the love of books. The whole time I was there, I just kept thinking "I wish this place was next to MY house!" And I do... I can just invision finding a book and a corner and losing an afternoon at Main Street Books. If you're in the area, I encourage you to do it!

And, since I travel a lot, I am curious-- where are these places near you? I need local haunts to visit when I am on the road!

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