Friday, December 3, 2010

Holy Jolly FREE Stuff on my Blog!

Ladies and Gentleman, Last Night= Momentous Occasion! Shauna Kelley's FIRST public speaking engagement as a published author. And it wasn't as terrifying as I thought. I only had to talk for five or ten minutes, so I really had to focus on the book (fun to talk about) instead of me (awkward to talk about... and listen to me talking about). Sold a few books, met a few authors, and all in all enjoyed it immensely.

What I did learn (building on something that I've noticed these past few weeks while reading the blogs of my fellow authors) is that I don't have schwag! And by schwag, I mean cool free stuff to get people excited to READ!

So, I am jumping on the bandwagon and playing copycat to some of my esteemed fellow writers by joining something I am passionate about (getting readers to share their thoughts) and something I am lacking in (stuff to giveaway).

Thus, the first Shauna Kelley Blog Contest.

Here's how you enter:

  1. Between now and December 15, post a review of a book that inspired you on Amazon, your own blog, or GoodReads. Then, comment here (Not as a reply to the Facebook notification) with a link to your review. For every review, your name goes in the fishbowl once. But there are rules: To qualify, though, I am talking a review of at least 3-4 sentences about how the book inspired you. "I liked it, it was good" won't gain you entrance into the fishbowl. And you are certainly welcome (and encouraged always) to review Max and Menna, but the point of this contest is not to garner me reviews. It is to encourage everyone to take their love of books viral!

  • Become a new Shauna Kelley Blog Follower (and comment to let me know about it) and your name goes in the fishbowl once.

On December 15, I will pull a name out of the fishbowl, and that person wins a signed hardcopy of Max and Menna.

For those of you who already own Max and Menna, you're probably thinking "so what, I already own that book..." But Christmas is coming. You could give it away for Christmas! Or donate it to a library! Or use it to prop up that shaky dining room table!

And even if its something you've already got, everyone likes winning, right?

On December 11 I will post a stats update, but I am tracking through comments left on this blog ONLY so make sure you comment and let me know you're in the running... Ready, Set, Go!


  1. Ok, I think I have the correct link below for my review of recently read Black Like Me. Excited about your book, Shauna! Also on my mental "to read" list.

  2. Here's the link for my review of The Way the Crow Flies =) Best Wishes with your debut =)