Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Quick Catch-Up

Hey guys,

I took my vacation as a vacation from everything, so I apologize for not writing anything for a couple of weeks. So, here is a really quick recap:

1. (and most importantly) My mom got into a clinical trial. So, we've gone from three weeks of thinking that we were out of options and nearing the end to having hope again.
2. I just took the most amazingly awesome trip down the west coast. We started in Seattle and drove down 101 to San Francisco. A phenomenal drive, followed by three days of fun in a beautiful city. I drove down Lombard Street, and for those of you who aren't impressed, google it. Then, we drove back up to Seattle through the mountains. It was unbelievable, and we had such a blast!
3. Just got back from my nephew's first birthday party. That kid puts light into the world, I swear. He is truly my Partner in Crime. He will occassionally look at me with a knowing grin and proceed to do something horribly aggravating and absolutely hillarious.


4. The advanced copies of Max and Menna are here! I am actually able to hold my book in my hands and see it my story looking real. The feeling is indescribable.

I sent out ten copies for advanced praise yesterday. One to my mentor, one to another new writer that I really admire, and eight others to some of my favorite writers. It is intimidating and this is going to be a totally nerve-wracking two or three weeks waiting to see if I get a response. Eek. Fingers crossed.

Hope all is well with everyone. Some photos of my west coast shennanigans.

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