Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Baby Shower Didn't Suck!

I am way late in posting this (since my son is sleeping soundly behind me), but I owe many thanks for three incredible ladies who threw me the world's best baby shower.For the record, I am one of those women that generally hates any kind of event with the word "shower" in the title. I associate them with lame food, forced small talk, and awkward games (unfair, I know... showers are changing). Luckily, my shower-planners know this about me and so they put together an event that was a bit different.

First of all, it was Harry Potter themed! And they let me help come up with some of the decorations and activities. The food was incredible, and the whole event was exactly what I wanted-- celebrating my little man in a non-stodgy way with the people I love most.

Here are some of the photos and a few of the touches I most appreciated!

The Food:

That's what its all about, right? Well, we wanted to steer clear of anything that wasn't delicious just so we could stick to the theme. Thus, my brilliant friends got creative. The food table was all about "Herbology Bites," meaning that each dish featured a key herb. We made tags for them explaning the "mystical" uses of each herb.

For instance, said brilliant friend tossed some fresh berries in Hibiscus sugar and the tag said:
Hibiscus- Critical component of love potions 

And it all came out beautifully. 


I am big on lots of drink options, so I asked to be in charge of drinks. We had lots of things on theme! Again, I went for flavor over anything, so my butterbeer was just salted caramel ice cream and cream soda.  People loved it!


My sister had a BLAST with decorating. Check out some of what she put together.


Some of my favorite elements! Our guests had a blast with our photo  booth....

 The Favors:

One of the other elements I was in charge of. I spent months crocheting scarves in Harry Potter house colors. As they left, our guests donned a sorting hat, pulled a house name out of a jar, and took a scarf for the road.

 And so, as you can see, this was not a traditional shower, but it was the perfect one for me!

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