Friday, December 26, 2014

Birthday Traditions

I hope everyone is recovering from a wonderful holiday season, and/or gearing up for a great New Year!

I am one of the unfortunate many who have a birthday very close to Christmas... today in fact. As a child I hated this, but as an adult writer I recognize that many, many people just got new Kindles for Christmas and are looking for something to read.

Enter my birthday tradition of giving away my books!

That's right. Today and tomorrow only both of my YA novels are available free on Kindle by clicking one of the links below:

I hope you will consider downloading these, and maybe giving me a birthday gift back in the form of...
  1. Reading my work, which makes me very, very happy
  2. Reviewing my work on Amazon or Goodreads, which will make me ecstatic! 
  3. Sharing a link to this blog or either title in your Facebook feed so others can do #1 or #2 
Happy Boxing Day to all, and Happy Birthday to me. Sleep, stare longingly at the tree, and perhaps start reading a new book. 

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