Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kicking off some awesome summer reading...

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to review Chasing Memories a really great YA book by Tia Bach, writer, mother, and friend extraordinaire.

Today, I am thrilled that she has launched the follow up to this... Chasing Shadows.

In Chasing Memories, we meet Reagan. In many ways, Reagan is just your typical teenager, worrying about Homecoming court, cheering for her football-star boyfriend, and pouring over the latest paranormal YA novel. Yep, pretty normal... oh, except for that whole she-might-be-a-werewolf thing. 

The first book follows Reagan through a lot of confusion and angst and she figures out exactly how a mysterious wolf-attack at Yellowstone is really going to change her life. This second installment picks up where the first left off. Reagan has a bit more knowledge about what is happening to her, and a lot more questions. With an all new cast of characters, she soon understands what is behind all of these changes and secrets that plagued her in the first book... and what is truly at stake. 

One thing that is true of both books: I loved them. Bach writes teenagers in a way that should make Stephanie Meyers jealous: with a good mixture of attitude and humor and a big side of reality. Reagan's voice is the true strength of both novels, carrying you through the story and helping you build a true emotional investment to in what happens to her. She has teenage snark down, but never put me in a "Bella-Swan-oh-come-on-you-are-so-irritating" mood. 

If I am being vague about the story line, here's why: you should read both. I can't divulge much of Chasing Shadows without blowing the end of Chasing Memories. But here is the good news... Chasing Memories is free on Kindle today!

So head on over to Amazon and download Chasing Memories for free. Then, grab Chasing Shadows, too, because you aren't going to want to wait to start reading as soon as you finish the first.


  1. Great review. I just got the first one, but your link to the second one doesn't wok. I'll head over to amazon though.
    Deb@ http;//

  2. Ok, I got the second one too, and I posted the purchases on Facebook. Again, great review!

  3. Thanks so much for spreading the word, Shauna. And thanks for reading it early and making it better.

    Thanks, Debi, for picking it up. Hope you love them!

  4. I hope it wasn't actually werewolf books she was reading when she realized? That sounds like it could be tacky. I'm intrigued though and I wish I had a Kindle so I could've gotten it for free!

    Michelle @ In Media Res