Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Favorite "M" Character

OK, so I am breaking my own rules here. I like to use the A to Z challenge to celebrate the works of other authors, but in the case of M, I just have to focus on my own for a moment... why? Because one of my characters is so real to me that I really feel like she is a friend.

M is for... Menna Soother.

One of the title characters from my first novel Max and Menna, Menna Soother grows up in a broken home with an alcoholic, abusive mother. With only her twin, Max, for support, she develops into a fearless and fierce woman with a plan for escaping her life.

I do not include Menna here out of any arrogance. I am sure there are many, many much more compelling and popular M characters I could have chosen. However, Menna is one of my favorites. I started writing her story when I was 14 and finished at 26. I grew up with her, and man parts of her grew out of my own trials and tribulations.

I don't just love Menna like a character, I love her like a friend. She is as real to me as the people I hang out with every weekend.

When the book published and so many of my Amazon reviews focused on her character, I was thrilled and felt that I had truly done my friend justice.

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