Monday, December 30, 2013

Wrapping up the year, Part II

I am finding it hard to follow my own plan of reviewing my 2013 resolutions before the years end because I have had my head so immersed in the book I am working on. Seriously, my fiancé just had to call and beg me to go buy toilet paper while he is at work (since he is at work and I have the week off).

But, I do appreciate both personal hygiene and that it is important to me to keep reviewing all that 2013 has brought. So on to four more of the resolutions I posted just about a year ago here.

Resolution Review:

3. Go to at least 2 of the 11 states I haven't visited. Check, and thank you Kansas and Wisconsin. Only 9 left...

4. Read 20 book. Check and a smirk. At the beginning of December, I was at a pathetic 13 for the year (though one was 1Q84, which is about a million pages long). When the semester ended and I got my weekends back, I ripped through 8 books in a month. Thank you The Mortal Instruments.

5. Lost 18 pounds in 2013, just like the 18 I lost in 2012 and 2011. Check. Actually, as of two weeks ago (I have strict rules about weighing oneself during the holidays), I had lost 19. I am doing it slowly through good ole fashioned diet and exercise, but for those of you who are math challenged like me, that is 55 pounds in three years. I still have a bit to go, but this is a major victory for me in terms of taking better care of my body.

6. Redefine what "being a writer" means to me to mean having my stuff read instead of the nebulous idea of "making it". I will give myself a check minus here. I still wave my hand dismissively when asked about my writing, and offer some lame preemptive "its just a hobby." BUT, even though I sold a meager number of books this year, I did have more than 300 downloads of Max and Menna, and I will call that getting my stuff read.

Another thing I am proud of

I became a homeowner this year. It took a decade of trying and saving, but I finally achieved a very big dream, and it feels great!


  1. My resolution was to become a regular reader and participant in the All Souls Writers Group, and not only did I do that, but they gave me some great feedback for the novel I'm finally submitting to an agent next week!

  2. Congrats on the big step of becoming a home-owner!