Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Travel Tuesday- Heading to Oz

OK, I am totally cheating, but I just have to share a fantastic experience I had recently.

About a year ago, a friend of mine encouraged (cajoled) me into finally reading Wicked, which I instantly and thoroughly loved. So when tickets for the musical went on sale at the Hippodrome in Baltimore, I pounced on it and took my sister for her birthday.

I love theater. I've actually been joking with my man a lot lately about how I am heading down a dangerous path of becoming a very broke theater snob, as my list of "to sees" starts to outnumber my free weekends and free funds. Wicked only furtherered this.

Now, for those of you who have read the book, I have to warn you that the two are night and day. They share a premise, but have about as much right to share the same name as Emma and Clueless would. And really, that is a great metaphor. Like Emma, Wicked is fantastic literature, and like Clueless, the musical version takes something of a heavy concept and makes it accessible and fun.

Fun is very much the operative word. From outstanding sets to the amazing talent of the performers and costumes that stole the show, Wicked is fun. I left the theater feeling that I really had just returned from my trip to Oz.

If it comes your way, I recommend giving it a try. You could end up with a big smile like these too goofballs (me and my sister). 


  1. Are you looking forward to the Disney movie about the early days of the Wizard of Oz that comes out in March starring James Franco?

    1. I am, though James Franco just bothers me for some reason!

  2. Never read the book but I LOVE the musical.